ICOS Blog Monthly Archives: June 2012

ICOS is officially launched!

ICOS stands for Intelligent Cities Open Source, a community of developers, planners, engineers, and users working in the field of intelligent / smart cities.

ICOS is a meta-repository of open source applications and solutions. It is addressed to anyone interested in intelligent / smart cities development and looks for applications and solutions which have been successfully implemented in other cities.

  • In the technology supply side, it is addressed to developers wishing to disseminate the applications and solutions they have created.
  • In the demand side, ICOS is addressed to city authorities, infrastructure and utilities managers, city stakeholders, city cluster ,managers, city planners and engineers wishing to use smart city solutions in order to increase the competitiveness, cohesion, and sustainability of the city / district / network.

Each application is categorized by the city function that it serves, the type of software, technical characteristics, and license type. More information is given in the Overview, Key-features, and Who-is-using the app.

The code can be found in the github or other similar repositories of open source software. Links are given to download the application, visit the official site, find documentation, and the discussion forum.

We estimate that a number of 200-300 different applications is needed to cover the main domains of intelligent / smart cities: the economy of cities, city infrastructure and utilities, citizens quality of life, and city governance. The aim of ICOS is to offer this software as open source and free software.

For adding an application just fill and submit a form at Participate