Gittip is a way to give money every week to people and teams you believe in.

Gittip is a platform for sustainable crowd-funding. Use it to set up a weekly anonymous gift to someone you think does great work.

Gifts are distributed every Thursday. Gifts come out of your current balance (the money people have given to you), and if that’s not enough, Gittip can charge your credit card to make up the difference. We add an additional 30¢ + 2.9% fee when pulling money in from your credit card, to cover credit card processing. We also charge you no less than $10 at a time, to minimize credit card processing fees. Any extra remains in your account to be used next week. Recipients get the full face value of your gift to them. If you give someone $3, they will have $3 in their Gittip account every Thursday until you run out of money.

Gifts are weekly. The intention is for people to depend on money received through Gittip in order to pay their bills, and bills are recurring.

Gifts come with no strings attached. You don’t know exactly where your gifts come from, and the maximum gift from one person to another is $100 per week.

Gifts are public. The total amount you give and the total amount you receive is public. Participants on both sides of the equation are rewarded publicly for their participation. (You can opt out of publicly displaying your total giving.)

As of September 2013, 1,800 users are exchanging $5,900 per week through Gittip.