An open source app builder for web-based applications

AppFlower is an open-source rapid application builder framework that provides a visual designer studio for building web applications without prior knowledge of programming using drag and drop and no coding. It permits users create web applications in minutes and say goodbye to expensive custom development.

AppFlower is suited to create data-driven applications like Social Intranet, CRM, ERP, e-Governance , Logistic, Project Management and the like. Appflower proves that creating of apps is a rocket science any more. Even a novice will be able to create workable and useful application for business needs without coding and with easy publishing of the app in the AppStores, Google Play and iTunes.

The key features of AppFlower are the following:

  • Enterprise-level application builder
  • Web-based Visual Designer (IDE)
  • Widget, Layout and Theme builder: Themeable, extensible and open source. Users can colourize and customize their application.
  • No coding philosophy: Create applications in minutes without Coding
  • Fast learning curve
  • Native REST integration for all Widgets
  • Modern web 2.0 user-interface with Sencha
  • RAD for web 2.0
  • Open-source and Extendable (based on Symfony & Sencha)
  • Integrated Debugging and Benchmarker utilities
  • Large community-base with AppFlower, Sencha and Symfony plugins
  • Backup and migration: smart software saves changes to files, databases and package management to encrypted storage which servers can be automatically restored from
  • Secure and easy to maintain: auto-updated daily with latest security patches
  • 100% cloud based: always accessible, anywhere and no worries about infrastructure and maintenance

Applications made with AppFlower:

  1. Body Reversing: Coaching platform to empower people reaching their goals – with empowerment tools like graphs and personal reports.
  2. LogInspect: Log Management appliance solution for Big Enterprises with live dashboards and realtime data analytics.
  3. SeedControl: Project management for big projects with multidimensional views, including Projects, Roadmaps, Timetracking and Tasks.