An Open Repository of Solutions for Intelligent Cities

ICOS website supports a community offering software and solutions in the field of intelligent cities / smart cities. The community will serve to showcase existing projects, provide a forum for discussing projects and processes, and guide developers' groups in applications’ creation, contribution, and release.

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About The Intelligent City Software and Solutions Repository Why and how to join

Who can participate

ICOS is addressed to anyone interested on intelligent / smart cities development and looks for applications and solutions which have been successfully implemented in other cities, mainly open source applications. Learm more »


The continuous evolution of web technologies from the static Web to the Social Web, the Real-Time Web, the Semantic Web, and eventually the Intelligent Web in the future, has widen substantially the options for constructing the digital space of cities. Learm more »

How to contribute

Developers can upload open source applications for intelligent cities using a simple web form. Applications are related to: (1) the Innovation Economy of Cities, 2) Quality of Life in Cities, (3) City Infrastructure / Utilities and (4) City Governance. Learm more »