Bigbelly SmartWaste & Recycling

A smart waste and recycling system designed for public spaces

Bigbelly SmartWaste & Recycling is a holistic solution to waste management, ranging from waste compaction to the local production of compost. The Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system is comprised of modular components that enable cities to deploy waste, recycling, and even compost stations that meet the needs of each station locations. At the core of any Bigbelly system is the CLEAN Management Console which delivers actionable data from your customized configuration of Bigbelly and Smartbelly stations. Each station provides both real-time and historical collection data that can be accessed via the cloud-based CLEAN.

While Bigbelly was initially founded on the conception of waste compaction in a user-facing station, the product offering has evolved to emphasize the multitude of data available from this incredibly valuable real estate. Cities are empowered to operate a smarter, more efficiency, cost-effective, and connected waste management fleet. The data available enables just-in-time collection, saving time and fuel while ensuring there are no overflow issues in the field.

By combining increased on-site capacity with compaction, implementing a public space recycling program that actually works and using real-time data and analytics to drive operational planning and resource allocation, cities can save money, reduce their carbon footprint and make public spaces more attractive for citizens, businesses and visitors.

Waste & Recycling Stations

There are two types of modular components: Bigbelly and Smartbelly stations. Their differences in capacity gives cities the ability to choose the right-size for each location and can help them shrink collection frequency by 70-80% in a fiscally responsible way while ensuring every street, facility, and park corner is included in a Bigbelly System deployment.

CLEAN Management Console

Real-Time Data

Up-to-the-minute status on which locations need to be collected– and just as importantly which ones don’t.

Historical Analysis

Track your progress as you start reducing your collection frequency and reallocating resources to other tasks.


Location-specific data to drive capacity planning activities, route optimization and more.

Diversion Rate Reporting

Volume-based reporting on each collection point, giving you powerful data to report to constituents and stakeholders.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

From your computer, your smartphone or via email, get the data into the hands of those who need it when they need it. Real-time or regularly scheduled notifications customized for your system enable Collection Crews to know exactly which stations need to be collected. The CLEAN Mobile App provides real-time fleet status for actionable data on-the-go.


Connect™ by Bigbelly is a turnkey smart waste and recycling system that ensures customer engagement, satisfaction and success. It delivers an integrated, cloud-connected platform as a service from Bigbelly and provides you a partner to help deploy and optimize your custom waste and recycling solution which holds more and knows more about what’s inside.
The Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System can be found in all 50 United States and 50 countries around the world. Outside of the United States & Canada, Bigbelly products are available exclusively through Authorized Bigbelly Distributors. Among the cities having implemented this system, we can find: