Civic Insight

Real-time information on vacant and underutilized properties

Civic Insight makes real-time government data about a community’s underutilized spaces – abandoned homes, empty storefronts, or vacant lots – both publicly available and extremely easy to use and understand.

By getting everyone on the same page, Civic Insight makes it easier for government staff, motivated citizens, and local organizations to collaborate more effectively to improve the quality and value of their neighborhoods. In other words, this application can help residents, local organizations and businesses keep track of the status of properties in their neighborhoods as they move through complex processes such as code enforcement and permit approval.

Some of the basic features of this application are the following:

  • Permits residents find accurate and update information about buildings, constructions and permits in the community
  • Allows inscription in order to receive automatic email alerts about specific sites
  • Provides an overview of recent activities in the communities as well as related statistics such as how long on average is taking the city to process a permit.
  • The analytics dashboard provides insights about agencies performance and geographic trends for more strategic, data-driven decisions.

This application has been used in the following cities: