Crime in Chicago

An interactive analysis of crime in Chicago's wards since 2002.

Crime in Chicago is a data visualization web application that permits exploring crime trends in Chicago’s 50 wards since 2002.

The data comes from the Chicago Police Department and is updated daily. They can also be found on the City of Chicago’s data portal.

This application offers the following uses:

  • Compare crime levels over the years and across city wards.
  • Further explore each ward’s crime profile, which shows daily crime volumes since 2002, crime types and subcategories as well as contact info.

This free tool is for anyone interested in crime in Chicago, for example:

  • citizens who are concerned or curious about crime in the community
  • city officials tracking neighborhood trends
  • aldermen trying to identify and address local problem areas
  • policemen looking to place their experience of the streets in a broader context
  • community groups trying to understand the neighborhoods they serve
  • journalists as a reporting tool
  • academics researching urban crime

The application is being used by the city of Chicago.