A climate monitoring application for Cities

Everimpact is an application that monitors climate in cities in order to discover the origins of greenhouse gas emissions in cities. The world’s cities are responsible for up to 70 per cent of harmful greenhouse gases (Source: UN HABITAT). However Cities rely on rough estimates and cannot measure, report and verify accurately their emissions.

Most cities struggle to finance their Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ reductions. That is why Everimpact has developed a solution to measure Greenhouse Gas emissions in real-time, allowing Cities to access the carbon trading markets, and generate multi-million dollars revenues.

Monitoring, reporting and verifying emissions as part of their climate plan, means that cities can now monetize their CO2 reductions with various carbon pricing instruments (Offsetting schemes and Taxes). Carbon Taxes is a carbon pricing instrument that is really gaining momentum to bring revenues to cities. This is a very efficient way to finance their infrastructure investments, and move from a polluted city to a sustainable and Smart City.

Summarizing, Everimpact is an innovative concept because it helps cities draw important revenues from monitoring their CO2 emissions.

Everimpact measures and monetizes cities’ CO2 emission by combining Satellites and Ground Sensors’ data:

  • Space Agencies  are observing earth breathe 24/7. In collaboration with them, Everimpact provides cities with the latest real-time Satellite Data on Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
  • Cities are equipped with high-performing, robust and non intrusive intelligent gas sensors that guarantee the certification and verification of the gas data with various gas networks and Carbon Markets.
  • Data is stored, aggregated and cleaned in a secure Big Data platform, so that cities can browse their emissions in real-time.

In this way, cities get a real-time map of their emissions at street and building level, at a precision never reached before. This is helpful for cities to see whether their climate actions are working, and help them target key areas of interventions.