A cloud-based platform for government transparency, process improvement, legislative efficiency, and citizen engagement

Granicus offers a series of cloud-based applications for government and local administration agencies. These applications are related to differents tasks and offer a variety of features ranging from the agenda and records management to webcasting and citizen engagement. By providing cloud storage for media, Granicus helps governments fulfill the needs of their citizens without spending a lot of money on individual storage options.

It is possible to request a complimentary demo for any of the applications or even request a subscrition with flexible monthly pricing and special discounts based on organization needs and size.

Granicus offers various solutions depending on the needs of each government or local administration agency.

  1. Agenda Management

Granicus’ Legislative Management Suite, powered by Legistar technology, allows government staff to easily manage the entire legislative process from start to finish. From drafting files, through assignment to various departments, to final approval, this suite is an automated solution designed to reduce workloads and create a more efficient method for managing decisions.

It helps governments organize, store, and easily retrieve electronic documents all in one system. It also maintains all legislative data and tracks each item’s path through the entire process. Plus, it allows staff to quickly and easily publish agenda and minutes documents to the Web, helping ensure records availability and promote government transparency.

     2. Meeting Efficiency

The Granicus Meeting Efficiency software features automated solutions to streamline the public meeting process and modernize minutes creation. It helps clerk staff save countless hours in their post-meeting workflow and can provide elected officials with a more effective way to participate during a meeting. Granicus’ Meeting Efficiency software combines action-style minutes with a digital recording of proceedings and publishes an integrated public record through your website, all while helping you save time and cut costs.

     3. Citizen Engagement

Granicus’ Citizen Engagement tools suggest an efficient way to hear from a broader group of residents. With SpeakUp and eComment, it’s easy for more people to contribute ideas for community improvement and provide feedback on current initiatives. These tools are a convenient way for citizens to stay engaged in the governing process and in turn, help the organization collect timely and actionable input from citizens.

     4. WebCasting

Granicus’ Webcasting offerings help agencies stream and archive public meetings and important records online and creates an unprecedented level of openness, both from a stationary location of with our Portable Encoder. Leveraging a powerful media management solution, organizations can easily publish content on their website, link related documents and provide keyword searching for citizens. And by using reports on visitor trends, agencies can quickly gauge interest in the most important issues.

     5. Boards and Commissions

Designed specifically for government meeting body appointment management, Boards and Commissions goes beyond any other product with a deeper set of citizen application and appointment efficiency tools. The end result is significant time and cost savings for your staff and greater public awareness of the boards and commissions appointment process.

  • Keep the public informed of active public bodies and membership online
  • Allow community members to apply for boards through your website
  • Create your own application forms
  • Manage board rosters, appointments workflows, and vacancies
  • Generate cost savings with a paperless strategy

    6. Records Management

Granicus Records Management is the evolution of making the clerk and recorder’s office an ever-more efficient gateway of public information and day-to-day business, helping automate government records offices with a streamlined, centralized application. Many of the first-generation technologies that were deployed to handle these processes have become outdated and are a pain point for clerks.

The Granicus Records Management software addresses the full life cycle of the land (deeds, titles, etc.) and vitals (birth, marriage or death certificates) records processes, including the ability to handle eCommerce transactions and court case eFiling. The open architecture design allows for implementation and seamless integration with other departments or software solutions, including third-party enterprise imaging and workflow systems.

    7. Website Management

Paired with the other offerings, this application provides an integrated, seamless online experience with a website that delivers content to users wherever they might be while also creating a deeper experience when they are on the website. The basic features of this application are the following:

  • Responsive Web Design and Development
  • Comprehensive Content Management System
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Citizen Request Management Tool and App


Currently, Granicus manages a quite large legislative content network, with more than 5 million government media files and public records, maintaining a 99,98% uptime track-record. More than 63,000 government users currently leverage Granicus’ technology to run their day-to-day government information tasks. Some of these use cases are presented below:

  1. City of Stockton, CA. Highlights:
  • Vastly reduced paper usage in the office by taking nearly the entire boards and commissions process digital
  • Achieved greater visibility to citizens with automatic vacancy notifications and application deadline updates
  • Reduced the amount of time needed to train new staff on boards and commissions management
  • Made regulatory and state reporting easier with easily exportable and sortable data
  • Increased number of citizen applications for boards and commissions openings by moving application process online

2. Louisville Metro Government, KY.  Highlights:

  • Ability to search and sort applicants
  • More capability to get information needed
  • Only enter information once
  • Tell term length at a glance
  • Website Integration
  • One-stop shop for applicants
  • All-in-one integrated system

3. City of Azusa, CA. Highlights:

  • High-impact efficiency for legislative workflows
  • Replaced hand-delivery of agenda packets with iPads
  • Reduced agenda packet delivery by 65%
  • Reduced agenda distribution staff time by 75%
  • Hoped to save $5,000 per year, now saves $24,000 annually!

More case studies of Granicus’ applications can be found here.