An application that harnesses the power of the crowd to offer innovative services to the city's visitors and residents.

Based on the check­-in data of the popular FourSquare service, this application is able to discover and visualise not just the “hot” points of interest in the city, but also wider “hot” (lively) areas.

The service offers, amongs others, some unique capabilities that are not found in any other service:

  • ­ Automated planning of thematic routes (e.g. city’s musems)
  • ­ Automated planning of routes that guide the user through the city’s liveliest neighbourhoods, depending on the day and time
  • ­ Visualising the city’s lively neighbourhoods via web and mobile apps
  • ­ Visualising information upon simple printed paper maps, using Augmented Reality

The team has developped versions of the application for the following cities:

  • HotThess – for the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • HotPatras – for the city of Patras, Greece.