MyCity360 – Smart Parking

A smart parking system including sensors, networking equipment and mobile apps

MyCity360 is an integrated solution to the parking search problem that most cities face nowadays. The system consists of a smart app that monitors and controls sensors deployed on the curb-side as well as in garages around town and communicates the information in real-time to the drivers.

The advantages of the implementation of such a system for the city and parking operators are significant. According to the company who developped this system, these are:

  • Substantially increase the overall parking utilization
  • A 30% reduction of traffic jams and congestion with in the city
  • An investment with a short repayment period that directly
    contributes to the public order in the city and the welfare of its residents
  • Improves and changes driving culture
  • Optimizes public order and enforcement
  • A simple and modular installation that can be matched to
    the city’s future expansion
  • Increased accessibility to commercial areas around town.

The MyCity360 is a proprietary solution and city authorities or other parties interested in implementing it should get in contact with the company.

The MyCity360 system allows users:

  • find a parking spot in real-time, without requiring other drivers to report anything,
  • navigate quickly and accurately to the available parking spot,
  • pay for it and even plan a speedy daily route by ordering ahead several parking spots in different locations.

The comprehensive MyCity360 Smart Parking solution includes:

  • sensors,
  • networking equipment and
  • a modular suite of hosted web and mobile applications that may be combined or integrated with any third party value added solution.