Nantes in my pocket

A multi-service mobile application aiming to facilitate daily life in Nantes

Nantes in my pocket (originally Nantes dans ma poche) is a mobile application dedicated to mobility and daily life in Nantes. Under the strong political ambition expressed by Nantes Métropole to make the city easy to live and simplify the residents’ daily life, they developed this application. The application complements a set of already existing digital tools, such as institutional sites, municipal services and open data.

When does the next bus arrive? What does my child eat at noon in the canteen? Is the pool open this afternoon? Is there space in the Decré car park? These are some of the question this application can answer, meeting the needs of everyday life with services customizable and updated in real-time.

The application is available for free on smartphones and tables from the city of Nantes in partnership with Nantes Métropole.

Nantes in my pocket is a very useful application at the community level. Much more than a directory of public services and facilities broadcast, this application responds to specific needs and uses, aiming to make daily life easier. Some of its main features are:

  • Services personalization: the offered services can be adapted to the users’ needs and not the opposite. In this way, there are as many applications as users.
  • Content-oriented offer for users: the services offered by the application go beyond the skills of the mobilised communities, in order to better serve the users.
  • Real-time information: the data provided is broadcast in almost real time and it is continuously adapted to each usage.

Available services:

  1. Urban Transport: Timetables and information about Nantes’ public transport.
  2. Traffic: Traffic information on selected geographic areas.
  3. Agenda: Municipal events and information on public holidays etc.
  4. Pools: Location, opening hours, availability and other events.
  5. Schools: Location, opening hours, availability and other events.
  6. Parking: Location, timetable and availability of parking stations.
  7. Bicycle Stations: Closer station and bicycle availability.
  8. Cinema: Movies timetables and seat availability.
  9. Physical Activities: Information about availability and events in sports centers.
  10. Public roads: Report a problem/issue identified in the street.
  11. Tri’Sac: The next appointments of bags distribution on a selected place.
  12. Commerce: Offers and discounts to buy smart in shops.
  13. Air Quality: alerts in case of high rates of pollution.
  14. Sonantes: Directory of traders accepting the local currency, setting up the places and sectors of commercial activity that interest me.

Available services in Nantes in my pocket. Source:

Since May 2015, Nantes in my pocket was experiencing an experimental phase. The application was submitted to the citizens’ assessment and then enriched by numerous contributions. In March 2016, the pilot version gave way to a co-built version and the first version of Nantes in my pocket is already launched.


Nantes in my pocket: A collaborative project. Source: