An open-source, content management system (CMS) based on Drupal and tailored to the needs of government.

OpenPublic is the most accessible and secure open source CMS for government available. For government and public policy organizations, open source only works if it’s built for the security, accessibility and flexibility requirements of the public sector. OpenPublic provides content management system specially designed for open government goals — without compromising accessibility, security or usability.

OpenPublic is a distribution of Drupal code – a compilation of open source modules, themes, and features that together, make up the foundation of a web site built for the public sector. It does not have everything that every public sector organization ever needs. Rather, it has a foundation of common elements that create an extensible base for building an excellent public sector site.

OpenPublic was built by Phase2 Technology, a custom development shop specializing in Drupal and open source software tools. We built OpenPublic out of the experience of building sites for several government clients, in the hopes that providing a strong foundation for public sector sites would yield greater adoption of open source software by the public sector.  Our goal is for the community to come together to build software tools “by the people and for the people.” Publicly built software tools, we believe, have the to increase “open government” efforts like information transparency, communication, and open data.

Responsive Design

Customize the look and feel of your site while implementing the best practices in responsive design. OpenPublic provides base themes for customizing your site, which are responsive design ready.

Stringent Security

Government-level security requirements form the foundation of OpenPublic. Passwords comply with Level 2 of NIST’S Electronic Authentication Guidelines, https is pre-configured, and CAPTCHA comes standard on forms.

Accessibility and 508 Compliance

Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance are key foundations to usable websites. OpenPublic’s default themes meet ADA guidelines, giving site implementers a head start on testing for their own compliance.


Additional user roles found standard in OpenPublic allow you to tailor permissions and customize workflow to your organizational needs.

Customizable Look and Feel

Select (with a single click) either of the beautiful, modern themes — which are cross-browser compatible — that come standard, or you can apply your own custom design.

Intuitive Dashboard

The intuitive dashboard makes adding and updating content easy (and enjoyable). And stress-free rich-media management means adding graphics and data visualization elements is as simple as clicking “upload.”

Media Room

Quickly release breaking news and information that’s important to your constituents. Invite media to access images, video, press releases, and other valuable content in a single, centrally accessible location.

Directory Management

Publish profiles of your agency’s leadership and staff members so constituents can understand your background better. Easily and quickly update a directory contact information, whether your team has four or 400 people.

Pluggable Features

Out-of-the-box, OpenPublic comes with pertinent features — from integrating a Twitter feed to posting blog entries — that you can enable or disable, depending upon your needs. These pluggable options make customization a cinch.