Track every government financial transaction across the world and present it in useful and engaging forms.

OpenSpending offers an easy system to upload, explore and share public finance data – such as budgets or expenditure databases. While we offer search and visualization features to slice and dice financial data, our API is even more powerful: it enables anyone to easily create their own visualizations and budget apps, without building their own backend.

The site is offered as a free service. All code, content and data are shared and openly licensed. No user of the platform will become involuntarily dependent on the site. Our sustainability model relies both on grant funding and technical services provided to CSOs, governments, media and international organizations.

Explore existing spending datasets

  • 67 datasets available to explore

Upload and share a financial dataset

  • Data loading and validation facilities
  • Common visualization types (treemaps, charts, and the bubble tree)
  • Full-text search for all entries
  • Means to track provenance and provide access to the raw data

Make your own budget monitoring site

An Assembly Kit allows anyone who knows basic HTML to make a lightweight, white-label budget visualization site, styled according to their own wishes. And since everything runs against the OpenSpending API, you don’t need to run your own database. Instead, you can load your data into and then customise the user facing side – for example, you can just use a generic blog or a set of static HTML files.