Communicates transit schedule, travel, and map information in a single standards-based, affordable package that any agency can use.

OpenTripPlanner (OTP) is an open source multi-modal trip planner, which runs on Linux, Windows, or potentially any platform with a Java virtual machine. OTP is released under the LGPL. As of Spring 2012, the code is under active development, with a variety of working demos from around the world.

OpenTripPlanner answers the challenge of communicating transit schedule, travel, and map information in one standards-based, affordable package that any agency can use.

Transit information can be complex and transit riders increasingly expect agencies to communicate that information in the most up-to-date formats that riders have become accustomed to. This is a huge challenge for transit agencies and can seem unfair and un-answerable when the only solutions are expensive custom trip planners (some costing upwards of $1,000,000), out-dated add-ons to old scheduling software, and generic online services controlled by other companies.

OpenTripPlanner (OTP) turns your agency’s system map into an interactive, online portal for riders to receive all of your most important schedule, transfer, accessibility and service alert information.


If you are only giving your riders step-by-step text directions, they are going to look elsewhere for trip planning, perhaps to online services that are less up to date, and more likely to generate customer service complaints. OTP gives detailed step-by-step directions alongside an interactive map showing the route, what services the rider will use, and where they will make transfers. Riders can click on stations on the map to learn more or zoom in to see where they are going.


OTP can use your accessibility data to make your fixed-route system easier for disabled riders to use, improving those riders’ transit experience and saving your agency significant paratransit costs. Disabled users can, with one click, be assured the directions they get from OTP will only have them embark and disembark at stations that can accommodate their needs.

Fully Multi-modal

OTP plans transit trips across all modes of transit, but also gives accurate walking and biking directions so your riders can plan their entire trip, door to door, using your trip planner. Cyclists especially benefit from the ability to choose faster, safer, or less hilly routes to their destination.


OTP can be customized to match your agency’s look and brand, so your riders will be as familiar with the online map as they are with your paper map. OTP also uses navigation conventions that are common to other online mapping tools and travel planners, further easing adoption by your riders.


Your riders aren’t the only people who need up-to-date trip planning tools. Your customer service team and paratransit dispatchers can use advanced versions of the trip planner to provide fast service to riders who call in with questions or service requests.

Unlike services managed by third parties, you have total control over your trip planner data so you can keep it up to date with service changes as they happen instead of when the third party service has time to update their schedules. And, data on OTP usage is yours, so you can find out how many people are using your trip planner, and what trips they are planning, and use that information to plan service changes and outreach efforts.


OTP was written for English language systems but has already been translated into Spanish and Polish, with other languages on the way. Translation is easy, requiring only about 500 words to be changed.

OTP is already deployed for demonstration or testing purposes in several cities. Some agencies or companies have not made these instances public but below you can find several deployments to look at. Please understand that these are beta versions of OTP and do not yet function perfectly, nor are they intended for use in planning actual trips at this time. By using any of these demos you absolve OpenPlans and the entities who created the demos of any liability related to the demos or the trip planner software.

MTA System in NYC

With permission of MTA, OpenPlans has adapted the NYC subway map to OTP, matching the color scheme and icons of the printed MTA NYC subway map.

Portland TriMet’s OTP Demo Site.

Poznan Trip Planner
Custom Flex front end by goEuropa and routing powered by OTP.

Pune, India trip planner
Check out the Devanagari script and the right to left interface! (Note this link is temporarily unavailable).

Tel Aviv, Israel trip planner
OpenTripPlanner translated into Hebrew.

Bilbao Region and Granada
OpenTripPlanner Demos by Ingartek.

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