A digital platform that connects citizen with local government, fixing problems and building trust in the community

SeeClickFix is an integrated platform for service request collection and management that allows citizens to play a central role in public services ‘ routing neighborhood concerns like potholes and light outages to the right official with the right information.

SeeClickFix has been awarded Code for America Technology Award at Annual Summit. It is a proprietary platform but its data sources, including XML, RSS, KML and JSON, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

SeeClickFix has the necessary features in order to report, track, and share issues with cities and neighbors in one quick download. More specifically:

  • Fast GPS to map issue locations
  • Find & follow issues nearby
  • Filter neighborhood issues by type
  • Syncs across devices & the web
  • See map views of nearby issues
  • Share across social networks

There are several cities that have used or are currently using SeeClickFix. Most of them can be found in the website and some examples of them are presented below:

  1. Bainbridge Island, WA

    The City of Bainbridge Island is utilizing SeeClickFix to improve two kinds of communication in the city:

    • Public communication: With SeeClickFix’s mobile app and website tools, Bainbridge Island is improving communication with citizens.
    • Internal communication: With SeeClickFix’s backend management system, Bainbridge Island is managing and addressing reported issues within and across departments.BainbridgeIslandWAPhones
  2. City of New Haven, CT: Parks Department

    With SeeClickFix, Virginia Beach has access to organized data and statistics to facilitate decision-making. They send monthly statistics to leadership delineating what request came in, how many, and which were closed. In addition, they have paid close attention to requests made on SeeClickFix in the “Other” category allowing them to use statistics to determine the future of the application: what requests need to be included, what requests types are difficult for the public to understand, and what issues do the public care about getting addressed the most.VBeach

  3. Howard County, MD

After a brief pilot program, Howard County saw how SeeClickFix was working to address many of the county’s largest needs. As a mobile app and website tools, SeeClickFix provided Howard County public with a free, easy-to-use tool to report issues and concerns. Then, with SeeClickFix request management backend tools, Howard County could direct these requests to the correct department or individual. SeeClickFix was fully implemented in 2014, with the app branded “Tell HoCo” for the public to see and begin using.

The implementation process was simple. “We started having meetings with departments to see if [SeeClickFix] could solve the ways they handle tickets coming in,” said Slivinsky, “It really didn’t take long for people to really start liking what they saw.” Soon, multiple departments were on board with SeeClickFix, tailoring service requests types featured on the app to their needs:

  • Public Works Department: The Howard County Public Works Department is the primary user, including request types like highway, stormwater pond, flooding, drainage, and utility issues.
  • Recreation + Parks Department: The Howard County Recreation + Parks Department includes request types like historic properties, natural resources, and park ranger assistance.
  • Police Department: The Howard County Police Department is using the platform is a variety of ways, including animal control, dead animal removal, as well as retrieving lost pets.
  • Transportation, Planning, + Zoning: The Howard County Transportation, Planning, + Zoning Department uses the platform most specifically for bus system and bus shelter requests.