A citizen reporting application

The platform attempts to activate citizens, providing them the tools for creativity, planning and communication and calls for collective thinking and action not only the citizens but also the public administration of the city. As its creators claim, “using the mobile application, citizens become sensors” with one click!”


Using, users are able to:

  • Report issues: communicate to your fellow citizens issues that you experience everyday in your city through the mobile or web application
  • Urban Participation: through Sense.City you actively participate in to processes and problem solving that directly affect your everyday life in the city. You improve urban development and enhance the relationship between you and the city public services.
  • Co-creativity: The Sense.City platforms provides the tools that activate citizen’s creativity, imagination and communication, engages urban thinking and improves the relationship between citizens, the city municipality and city’s public services.

Additional features of the application are the following:

  • Anonymity: The application posts issues anonymously
  • Free: There is no charge for using the app (except any mobile data traffic charges)
  • Open Data: An open API for programmers and individuals is offered for anybody interested in building apps on top of Sense.City API.

The application is currently used by two greek cities: Patras and Zakynthos. However, the application is still in beta version and still needs improvement.