Smart+Connected Parking

Real-time information about parking availability
Smart+Connected Parking works by:
  • Combining sensors, smartphone apps, and the Cisco Smart+Connected Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide parking availability to citizens in real time
  • Being integrated with enforcement applications and pushing violation notices to parking officers
  • Providing greater visibility into parking analytics, such as usage and vacancy periods, so cities can make better-informed decisions and long-term plans
The above figure illustrates a practical example of how the solution can help resolve parking issuel. Cisco partner applications capture parking events at the street level through various sources, including ground- embedded parking sensors, video coverage, and analytics. Cisco gateways send the parking data to back-end platforms using the city Wi-Fi infrastructure, where it is processed. The data is then sent to the city digital platform, which sends updates to the electronic display panels in parking lots and to applications used by citizens and enforcement officers. Any other system interested in the events can access them through APIs on the digital platform.

Citizens can:

  • Search for parking spaces based on point of interest or preferences
  • Receive voice guidance to a parking space
  • Make payments using a mobile phone

Parking-enforcement officers can:

  • View a live video feed of parking and no-parking zones
  • Detect and report parking violations in no-parking and loading zones via video

Administrators can:

  • Easily configure and manage the sensors and video infrastructure
  • Monitor the enforcement of policies for parking violations

City planners can:

  • Gather parking occupancy, revenue, and enforcement reports
  • Provide detailed information such as time of day, day of week, etc., to assist with pricing decisions