Smart+Connected Safety and Security

Connect people, process, data and things to better protect cities against crime, terrorism, and civil unrest

The Smart+Connected Safety and Security solution takes advantage of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and helps protect cities against crime, terrorism, and civil unrest. It helps law enforcement monitor public areas, accurately detect incidents early on, track suspects, and respond faster through analysis of unusual activity patterns. By combining information from video surveillance cameras, social media, citizen reports, and other sensors, the solution provides a richer view of urban safety. The solution stands out with two important innovations: the fusing of data from multiple sources to identify real incidents and reduce false alarms, and the integration of multiple applications into one comprehensive solution.

The basic features of Smart+Connected Safety and Security are:

Location Monitoring

  • Displays live video from any surveillance camera and presents live conditions on
    a map
  • Collects data on crime type and location
  • Monitors social media for possible threats

Incident Detection and Management

  • Identifies threats, safety, and security incidents by fusing multiple inputs, displays
    their locations on a map, and alerts operators
  • Automatically creates an incident record and collects all relevant data into an incident management kit for operators
  • Provides recommended procedures automatically to guide operators quickly through
    the response process
  • Helps ensure continuous communication with responders

Analytics, Reporting, and Administration

  • Visualizes crime trends to identify issues
  • Reports distribution of crime by frequency, location, and more
  • Reports and helps predict crime pattern