Smart+Connected Traffic

Monitor and manage traffic incidents to reduce congestion.

The Smart+Connected Traffic solution addresses the two most important traffic challenges facing cities today: road safety and congestion. It helps traffic departments accurately detect more incidents, early on, before they become more serious, and enables quicker response by monitoring and analyzing traffic flow data. The solution stands out with two important innovations: the fusing of data from multiple sources to identify real incidents and reduce false alarms, and the integration of multiple applications into one comprehensive solution.

Smart+Connected Traffic combines IP cameras, sensors, applications, and the Cisco Smart+Connected Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide visibility of live traffic conditions for traffic management authorities in real time. The solution provides insight into urban traffic patterns so that traffic authorities can make better decisions and long-term plans.

The basic features of Smart+Connected Traffic are organized in three categories as follows:

Traffic Monitoring

  • Displays live video from any traffic camera and presents live traffic conditions on
    a map
  • Collects data on average vehicle speed, traffic volume, and lane occupancy
  • Monitors social media for relevant information

Incident Detection and Management

  • Identifies traffic incidents by fusing multiple inputs, displays their locations on a
    map, and alerts operators
  • Automatically creates an incident record and collects all relevant data into an incident
    management kit for operators
  • Provides recommended procedures to guide operators quickly through the
    response process
  • Helps ensure continuous communications with responders

Analytics, Reporting, and Administration

  • Visualizes traffic incident trends to identify traffic flow issues
  • Reports distribution of traffic incidents; reports and helps predict traffic flow patterns
  • Configures and manages sensors, video infrastructure, and poli