A subscription-based Content Management System and service plan for government websites

VisionLive™ is a subscription-based Content Management System (CMS) and service plan that equips local governments and organizations with the technology, support, training and insights that keep websites relevant and effective.

Another version of visionLive is visionLive On-Premis that is also a subscription-based Content Management System (CMS) and service plan that in addition to full access to the CMS platform, include other services in order to maximize website investment.

Some key features of visionLive are the following:

  • Flexibility: more control in customers’ hands to make changes to the site’s design and content
  • Mobility: implementation of responsive design and mobile-first design and CMS functionality
  • Accessibility: content available to all residents by local government agencies
  • Comprehensive Functionality & Enhancements: more than 30 components available to help users manage key government functions like job applications, facility reservations and more
  • visionMobile Designer: automatically resize content to fit a variety of screens and allows users to move, hide and reorder content for the mobile site, optimizing the visitors’ experience
  • Ongoing Training & Education: help customers get the most out of the website, including on-going new user training, monthly training and trends webinars, on-demand training videos, quarterly trends newsletter and regional user conferences
  • Hosting & Security: comprehensive hosting services designed to ensure optimal website performance, protection and security.