An enterprise social networking platform supporting groups of groups.

Zanby is an enterprise community software platform that provides collaboration and organization tools for communities of purpose. Zanby’s vision is to provide community as a Web service to all kinds of groups – from small neighborhood clubs to chapter-based organizations to enterprise-class corporations.

Zanby helps companies adapt to a new definition of the enterprise. Using the principles of social media, it extends your investment in back office and ERP applications, to collaborative internal and customer communities, to managing your relationship with the social web.

Zanby is specifically architected to serve a distributed enterprise. The platform was made to join social media tools with business processes to provide a truly holistic and scalable solution that inherently serves both external and internal needs.

  • Create and manage custom online communities that essentially have no silos.
  • Support one or many uniquely branded social networks on your website.
  • Integrate one or many social networks in parallel on partner websites.
  • Increase advertising capacity.
  • Map demographics and psychographics in groups and groups of groups (or communities of communities) to solicit feedback, poll and otherwise enable behavioral marketing efforts.
  • Target your employees, customers, members or volunteers in ways you previously only imagined.
  • Log in once.
  • And: it’s all customized to fit your business model.
  • The Climate Networks is an affiliation of several of the most active climate change organizations, including1SkyEnergy Action CoalitionCO2NSEQUENCE, andFocus the Nation. These organizations saw the power of joining forces online.
    Zanby - Climate Networks
  • is an acclaimed, citizen-fueled, online video news channel focused on politics and the media. Zanby serves as the organizing and video publishing platform that allows The UpTake to quickly organize new groups of journalists and publish their work with speed and integrity.
    Zanby - TheUptake