LocalData is a digital toolkit that allows organizers and canvassers to collect and manage place-based data

In the past, data analysts and community groups collected location-based data using a pen and paper only to find inconsistencies and errors in data entry. These inconsistencies made it impossible to share data across organizations.

LocalData standardizes data collection by offering a mobile collection tool with a map interface. As well, for those less inclined to use the mobile app, Localdata also offers the option of filling out a paper form with optical recognition marks that can then be scanned and uploaded for data syncing.

  • Simple data collection: Use smartphones or tablets to collect data in the field. A simple interface makes it easy to submit accurate information quickly. The app runs in your mobile browser and provides an aerial reference map to track your progress — there’s nothing to download.
  • Save time and energy: No more transcribing paper, looking up addresses or entering in property ID numbers. Save time by using official parcel boundaries and building footprints.
  • Custom survey builder: From documenting community assets like urban gardens or playgrounds to measuring the condition of vacant lots, LocalData allows organizers to build custom surveys designed to fit specific neighborhood needs.