A free, open source web application that captures all your activity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

ThinkUp is a free, open source web application that captures your posts, tweets, replies, retweets, friends, followers and links on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. With ThinkUp, you can store your social activity in a database that you control, making it easy to search, sort, analyze, publish and display activity from your network. All you need is a web server that can run a PHP application.

ThinkUp is for organizations and personalities who are active on social media networks, have more than 1,000 friends or followers, and need deeper analysis tools to derive meaning from those interactions.

ThinkUp is for:

Government agencies who want easy ways to survey constituents, analyze and share response sets as well as track and archive conversations.

Personalities like journalists, bloggers, and celebrities who want easier ways to manage interactions and compile feedback from fans and followers.

Publishers like bloggers or broadcasters who want easy ways to measure reach and analyze content performance on social networks with readers, subscribers, and followers.

At its heart, ThinkUp is a conversation analysis tool. ThinkUp helps you pose questions to your followers on social networks, and compile and share the responses, whether you’re The White House asking U.S. citizens what our country’s next Grand Challenge should be, or a writer asking what the best brand of ballpoint pen is.

ThinkUp also helps you answer questions about your social media activity, like “Who are my most popular followers?” and “How many people saw a retweet of this tweet?”

Using ThinkUp, you can:

Analyze: Get insightful graphs and charts in a single simple dashboard which helps you make sense of your social network activity.

Search: Ever get frustrated that Twitter doesn’t let you find a tweet you posted a year ago? ThinkUp archives all your tweets from the time you start running it, plus all its replies and retweets, and makes them available to search and export.

Visualize: ThinkUp’s rich visualizations let you see your conversations mapped across the globe, or as a collection of most-frequently mentioned keywords.

Publish: ThinkUp lets you publish and embed conversations on a blog or website. Everyone can benefit from the wisdom of your social network.

Export: Export your tweets at any time and open them as a spreadsheet in Excel for further analysis. Or just save them for recordkeeping.

From the White House to ordinary citizens, anyone can use ThinkUp to gain insights through crowdsourcing.

The Obama administration has partnered with Expert Labs and uses ThinkUp to manage its social media efforts.